CBT is a talking therapy that is proven to work with a wide set of issues.

It is a short term problem focused therapy that aims to directly target and reduce distressing symptoms, re-evaluate thinking and change unhelpful behaviours. It helps to make changes and learn skills that can be used for a lifetime.

It is based on the theory that it is not the events themselves that upset you, but the meaning you attach to them. This can start to cause you problems if you continue to hold onto the same thoughts and patterns of behaviour while failing to see the alternative explanation.

CBT aims to show you ways of changing negative thoughts and composing alternative ways of thinking and behaving, all of which will make you feel better.

The initial stages of therapy involve learning about your negative thought and behavioural cycles. This is an empowering process in itself as you become more aware of previously unconscious processes that can govern different areas of your life. The focus is then on learning ways to change these cycles and move forward with alternative approaches.

Therapy involves a process of collaboration, reflection and exploration which enables you to develop awareness and skills to make these changes.

CBT will help you in the short term and also help to re-train your mind to have a long term impact

The body that governs the NHS, The National Institute for Clinical Excellence, recommends CBT in the treatment of anxiety and depression.

The sessions cost £50 per session in person and £40 per session online. Sessions last 60 minutes.